A 2 hour, 1 to 1 tuition session with Joe - only €100

Would you like a couple of hours spent one to one with Joe, asking the questions you want answers to with your camera, your lenses and no-one else to get in the way?  These session can be structured however and wherever you want - some examples of 1 to 1 sessions to date include:

  • A 2 hour individual photo walk
  • A sit down going through your camera settings
  • A Lightroom or other software tutorial
  • Learning how to shoot your babies or children in your home
  • How to get good sports shots of your son or daughter
  • How to capture landscapes, seascapes, whatever your preference
  • Macro (close-up) photography
  • Reproducing a photo setup - for beauty therapists who want before and after shots for instance

The key thing is that you get to learn what you need, at your own pace.  Or give a session as a great present for a friend or loved one.

Order here and then we'll email you a PDF gift certificate if this is a present.  The recipient then simply contacts Joe when they receive their Gift Certificate and we agree a time, date & venue for the session.  Note - locations outside the Dublin area will attract an extra charge for travel time - to be agreed before the session.

Here's what Sarah had to say after her recent 1-1 session: "My first one to one session has helped me re-find my enthusiasm for my new camera and for photography. I was falling out of love with my new hobby but you helped me by dealing with some of the technical issues and begin again. I really appreciate the fact that though I am an absolute beginner - you never made me feel foolish. That's good teaching - drawing out the potential. Looking forward to putting into practice all I learnt and to learning more. A big thanks and it was more than worth the money!"

Photographic Mentoring

Joe's real passion is teaching.  Encouraging and helping people develop their skills and confidence is why we are in business, and our Testimonials page shows that our clients feel we do this. Photographic mentoring for an extended set of sessions, helps you develop your skills, confidence and eye over months rather than just a few hours.  Each mentoring engagement is structured around your specific needs – everyone is at a different place in their photographic journey, with different goals and aspirations.  Whatever your aim, Joe can help, advise and suggest directions to try.  You might be a complete beginner, just getting your first camera, or a more advanced photographer – we can help make you better!  Only a few of these engagements will be taken on so get in touch to secure your place!  These are normally 1-1 sessions but we can also do this with 2 participants if this works best for you.

If you sign up for mentoring, we'll have an initial chat and map out some goals and areas to focus on, and then adjust these as your sessions progress.

  • 4 month Accelerator.  Option 1 -  €500 for four, 2 hour sessions with Joe (typically 1 per month) plus phone discussions as needed, and critique of photos via email or Skype throughout the 4 month engagement.
  • 1 Year Developer.  Option 2 - €1,000 for nine, 2 hour sessions with Joe (typically 1 per month) plus phone discussions as needed, and critique of photos via email or Skype throughout the 1 year engagement.
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