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“Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph.”
— Andre Kertesz

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Streets of Dublin is a project I’ve been working on since the beginning of 2018, shooting black & white street photography in Dublin, Ireland.

I’ve also written a book discussing the process, illustrated with over sixty of the images created during the project, which is available as an e-book and paperback from Amazon, or direct from me as a signed copy - use the link above.

I would be happy to discuss talks, podcast appearances or articles about the project.

In passing

I’ll be giving a talk on street photography at Ballyfermot Camera Club Mon Dec 2nd 2019

Please feel free to come along!

The images are shown below in a series of galleries which you can scroll down to or click on the buttons here to see. They look much better in full screen, so do double-click and scroll through using the arrow keys!

All images are for sale, and can be produced as fine art prints, canvases, acrylic or metal, framed or unframed as required. A proportion of any profits will be donated to a homeless charity.

Please drop me an email to if you are interested in purchasing any of the images or discussing the project. I’m always open to new ways to show these images to new audiences, or using them in collaborative ventures.

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Cool Couple.jpg

Capturing people and scenes around this ancient yet vibrant city is a constant source of inspiration.

Cool Couple is just one example of the collection, this one taken on Winetavern Hill just after passing under the arch next to Christchurch on the way down to the Quays.

Streets of Dublin - Windows

Whether reflecting or being looked through, glass windows offer street photographers fertile ground for interesting images…

Streets of Dublin - Archways

Archways are like the windows into a city’s soul. Inextricably linked into the ancient fabric and design of the city, they are portals through which life happens, and can be seen…

Streets of Dublin - Portraits

When I pluck up the courage and encounter an interesting face, I’m trying to get better at asking people if I can take their portrait. Most times, this results in a good chat and lots of smiles, and I’ve only rarely been told no. Seems like the fear of approaching strangers is more in my head than really grounded in reality… Guys with beards make especially great subjects for the gritty monochrome look!

Streets of Dublin - Interactions

The images in “Interactions” show people on the street engaging with each other - shooting the breeze, chatting, laughing, saying hello and goodbye, and even staring at me suspiciously!

Streets of Dublin - Laneways

The many laneways and alleys which can be found as you explore Dublin’s ancient centre are the blood vessels of the city, carrying it’s life in and around. Aged and weathered stone, cobbles and layers of surfaces make these often overlooked thoroughfares a joy to explore and discover…

Streets of Dublin - Passing By

Shooting the streets is to be exposed to constant movement, as a myriad of people move about their lives, passing, sometimes making eye contact, sometimes not, all intent on their destinations and so often, their phones…

Streets of Dublin - Solitude

Sometimes you just need a few minutes of peace and quiet… and sometimes a busy city can be a lonely place…